Learning for a better understanding of your industrial network

Our trainings equip your staff with specific and detailed knowledge about the fieldbus systems of your company. Colleagues of all departments like planning, commissioning, maintenance and service are trained regarding your requirements. During an exciting conjunction of theory and practise participants with different levels of prior knowledge learn how to use fieldbus

systems and other networks professionally. Benefit from our in-house training at our headquarter Schmoelln or engage us to educate your employees at your premises.

Our experience of today is your knowledge of tomorrow!


Network trainings: Basics and user knowledge

We specially structured our training content and our training system in order to provide an optimum product for every client: We provide separate trainings for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and further communication networks e.g. ASi, CAN and Industrial Ethernet. The courses for CAN-based networks e.g. CANopen, DeviceNET and SafetyBUS p take place in one joint seminar. The trainings for Equipotential Bonding and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) are across several networks, because parasitic currents and shield currents can occur in every automation system. Our trainers go into detail about physical reasons and explain with practical test how EMC can be improved. Do you know all opportunities of wireless data transmission in PROFIBUS and PROFINET? – our WLAN trainings provide insights into technical basics of Industrial Wireless LAN as well as the design and commissioning of several wireless systems.

The right training portfolio for beginners and advanced users

PROFIBUS seminars are graduated: We provide trainings for general network users and advanced trainings for refreshing or deepening your knowledge. The PROFINET trainings are supplemented by a beginners seminar, that imparts network basics and addresses users who switched to newer network types. Indu-Sol is the right partner for this change process supporting you in planning, engineering and practice. Because we are PI Training and PI Competence Center, you are able to graduate as Certified PROFIBUS Installer and Certified PROFINET Installer with add-on training modules.

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