PROFIBUS tester for quick quality diagnosis



Plug-in, measure, result!

Complicated, incomprehensible tables and diagrams were yesterday! The PROFIBUS tester PB-QONE enables a modern maintenance: you get precise measuring results in seconds which can be easily evaluated thanks to the graphic display based on the traffic-light principle. It is the only device on the market to offer fully automatic, non-reactive detection of the PROFIBUS topology under running production conditions. These and other useful features of the compact multifunctional device make it irreplaceable for every maintenance engineer who strives for simple quality diagnosis in the PROFIBUS network.

Your benefits

You save time
You save effort
You save money
Topology determination
Quality evaluation
One device for many tasks

Highlights PROFIBUS tester

  • Fully automated topology scan during operation
  • Ease of use, well-structured handling
  • Measuring results within seconds
  • Simple evaluation through traffic-light function
  • Complete physical and logical analysis
  • Discover the PB-QONE & its advantages in moving pictures: To the video

Functions of PB-Q ONE

The PB-QONE is a tool for the complete evaluation of PROFIBUS communication quality. The hardware is connected to the PROFIBUS system by a supplied adapter.

Its simple, intuitive operability and the clear evaluation of the measurement results enable the state of the physical and logical transmission quality in the network to be reliably evaluated within seconds. In addition, the PB-QONE offers fully automatic and completely feedback-free topology determination under running production conditions. As a result, the PB-QONE records the actual connection of all network devices and even identifies repeaters, measuring points and the cable lengths between the devices. The graphic display shows measurement locations and segment structures at a glance. This makes the PB-QONE ideally suited for every thinkable application such as certification and commissioning, maintenance and service as well as troubleshooting.

Simple display of quality values

View of measuring results

Topology with measuring site management

The levels of the bars (in green, yellow or red) infer a measure of the physical transmission quality which includes an evaluation of the differential voltage, rising edges and the transient response. As a result all capacitive, inductive and resistive effects become visible.

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