PROscan® Active V2

PROscan® Active V2

Detect your network topology quickly and precisely


Reduce time for plant certification and commisioning
For reliable monitoring of industrial networks precise knowledge of network topology, device hardware and software versions, and real cabling is essential. The topology software PROscan® Active V2 describes and displays PROFINET and Ethernet networks quickly and in detail.

New features in release V2.1

  • Highlight the controller domain
  • Plus and minus in the zoom slider
  • Readout the modul information (asset management)
  • EMC overview
  • Edit ports

  • Detection of the real network structure (topology)
  • Node information e.g. IP/MAC address, device type/name
  • Cable information e.g. cable lenghts
  • Comparative scan function shows changes immediately
  • Node and port overview available
  • Adjustable threshold values for damping reserve
  • Detection of POF devices port statistcs
  • Diagnostic mode with transparent statistics
  • Comparison of hardware/software versions, with a warning if a deviation is found
  • Transparent acceptance report as check list, with own company logo
  • Multi-topology: Several topologies can be opened at the same time
  • Printout of scanned topology as technical drawing
  • Optimized for touch panel
PROscan® Active V2 topology Topology PROscan® Active V2 ports Port Overview
PROscan® Active V2 Devices Device list
PROscan® Active Hardware / Software Versions Version Statistic
PROscan® Active Connection Statistic Connection Statistic

Knowing immediately what happens where – PROFINET DiagnosticDUO

Combining the diagnostic tool PROFINET-INspektor® NT with PROscan® Active V2 makes the status of each node visible at a glance by means of a topology plan. The device status is visualized graphically by traffic light colors (red, yellow, green).

Traffic light feature associated with PROFInet INspektor®


Unique in the market – Teamwork of topology and diagnosis

Product details

The software helps you to organize a complex network efficiently and to do needed maintenance work contemporary and targeted. PROscan® Active V2 provides you the current PROFINET system status by finger touch whenever you want.

Our special offer

PROscan® Active V2 demo version

Test the functions of our topology software PROscan® Active V2.

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